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About us

Introductory note of the Managing Director

Côte d’Ivoire has gone through a very hard time in her History because of the post-electoral crisis.

It’s therefore a top priority to rebuild houses for the citizens. KIMEX FINANCES is a young company specialized in real estate, land planning and development. KIMEX FINANCES was founded in order to take part in the renewal of the urban planning and housing project of the country.

Managers with different backgrounds work together. They have decided to put together their expertise, know-how and experience in order to face the following challenge:
Build houses of average and high standing which meet the international technical norms and criteria, build homes which respect the Environment.

It’s a mistake to believe that something will come out of this chaotic track the real estate business and the country itself have been on for the last 15 years.

As a matter of fact, the Ivorian citizen has become more careful and more selective in relation to his investments.

The perfect example of this state of mind is how he carefully acquires his home knowing that this choice can have a very direct impact on himself, his future life and the one of his entire family.
Therefore, to become the owner of a house – which is to most of them the main element of the economic assets - they hope and desire to deal with honest, trustworthy and reassuring professionals.

Our team puts forward Excellence, Quality, Imagination, Creativity, Elegance and Future.
Our crew places the satisfaction of the client in the center of our strategy to strongly establish ourselves on the market.
This is how we gain confidence and recognition. This is how we take an active part in development and growth.

Our land bank allows us to build homes where life is so sweet, homes filled with happiness and joy.
We remain deeply convinced that the reading of this website will encourage you to get in touch with our Team. A Team made of Men and Women who have a strong sense of integrity. Men and Women who have understood that something new is happening in their unique line of business: Real Estate - Residential construction and building of homes of diverse standing - Men and Women who daily do their job and combine it with ethic values. Who take into account the African traditions and way of life. Who respect the Environment. Men and Women who do not forget the rarity of the economic resources.

Mr Anelone Jean-Paul




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